Turkoise Vacation Pictures

Gray Angelfish

These are underwater photos taken in the Turks and Caicos (Providenciales) British West Indies islands April 1999. All photos were taken with my ikelite Aquashot 3e camera using the external Substrobe, water correcting lens, flash deflector, and 200 speed APS film. While there, we stayed at Club Med - Turkoise and had a great time.

JoJo says Hello!

JoJo is a wild bottlenose dolphin who lives in the Turks and Caicos Islands. He comes and goes as he pleases. This photo was taken during a snorkeling trip. Just before the snorkeling boat left the dock, JoJo showed up and followed the boat out to a sandy area. Before being allowed in the water, the boat crew explains not to touch JoJo. Such unwanted advances makes the dolphin feel threatened and sends him away to open water. JoJo, being the curious dolphin he is, came over and checked us all out. It was a fantastic experience to swim with such a beautiful creature in the wild.

This is JoJo checking out the boat captain who was making sure the boat anchor was set properly. The dark spots are thimble jellyfish that were in abundance at this location - luckily they don't sting very much!


Another shot of JoJo with thimble jellyfish. If you want to learn more about JoJo you can visit the JoJo Dolphin Project web site.

Here we see a spotted pufferfish trying to hide out. This is one of my favorite pictures.

Nurse Shark

This nurse shark was sleeping on the bottom next to a coral head.

Here is Caribbean reef lobster who came out from hiding in his den. He seemed to charge me as I approached which worked out well for getting this picture. After the picture was taken, he crawled back under the ledge out of site. This snorkeling site was called "Tin Tin's Caves". It had lots of crevices for creatures like this lobster to hide in.


Honeycomb cowfish tend to be shy and try to move away when approached. Unfortunately, they can't move very fast. As I continued to follow this particular cowfish, he started changing colors in hopes of confusing his stalker. So I took this picture and let him swim away.

A parting shot of JoJo at the end of a wonderful vacation. End Dive!

JoJo 4

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