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Welcome to The Octopus Den - online since March 1, 1998. This page is dedicated to publishing my underwater photos. I have also included some general information about Scuba Diving and links to sites useful to the Scuba Diving enthusiast. This page was moved to the Yahoo GeoCities site in July 2000 and the new domain was implemented October 20, 2000. I appreciate you stopping by, hope you enjoy the site.

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Underwater Photographs

Jojo, turtles, hamlets, sharks, fireworms Black Jacks, Tiger Groupers, and Indigo Hamlets Lemon, Black Tip, and Grey Reef Sharks
Lemon, Black Tip, and Grey Reef Sharks Black Jacks, Tiger Groupers, and Indigo Hamlets Turtles, Octopus, Lobsters, Anemones, Worms and one very tired Parrot Fish. Black Durgens, anemone, sponges, and a nurse shark.
Sharks, Sharks and more Sharks. Grab the Tigers Tail in Cozumel Mexico! Hammerhead Sharks, turtles, rays. A Spanish Dancer, Moorish Idols, crabs, eels, toby and lots of different Butterfly fish.
St. Lucia Pictures -The unique Spanish Lobster, Giant Puffers, Crinoids, Cardinal Fish, and a Stone Fish in the West Indies. Bonaire Pictures - Charlie the Tarpon and the Three Snooks, Eels, ArrowHead Crabs, Decorator Crabs, Worms, Octopus, and Drum Fish in the Netherlands Antilles. Turkoise Pictures - JoJo the dolphin, Spotted Puffer Fish, Nurse Shark, Lobster, and Honeycomb Cowfish in the British West Indies. Cayman Pictures - Darth Vader the Stingray, Redfin Parrotfish, Spotfin Butterfly, Hawkbill Turtles and a Deep Submersible in the Cayman Islands.

Highly Recommended Scuba Links


Reef Environment Education Foundation (REEF) is a great non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of our marine environment. You can help them by doing your own fish counts and submitting the results. Their web site has a free quiz for learning to identify fish. This is also a great place to purchase fish identification products. They carry the entire line of Paul Humann Books that I highly recommend. The books have been an invaluable aid in my learning of the different species of marine animals. These books are also available at many dive shops and bookstores.


DAN (Divers Alert Network) is a non-profit organization that provides many services to their members. They are most known for their 24-hour dive accident hotline. Members receive their "Alert Diver" magazine that is very informative on a wide range of diving issues. I've been a member since my first dive and would never go diving without DAN.

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